середа, 26 вересня 2012 р.

Skype GUI on Kindle Touch

 I hope,  that everyone owner of Amazon Kindle Touch think, how to use Kindle Touch for other goals, especially during long travels and vacations.  I would like to show in this blog,  how Skype Application perfectly works on Kindle Touch device. The Skype Company  gives access to SkypeKit framework under embedded device. And it allows to develop an own application and to use all services of Skype for Kindle Touch.  I use the Skype "development keys - keypair.pem" now. Detailed instruction is described below.  I want to develop a simple GUI,  which allows to chat and to make a calls  only.
Simple Skype Application's screenshots
1. Sign In Window

2. Contact Window

4. Recent Window
 2. Cell Phone Window 

3. Chat Window

Binary files:
Last Version :  https://docs.google.com/open?id=0BzOjIeSnWGQyNVFEWDVIZ214Yjg

How to run Skype on Kindle Touch:

1. Terminal, ssh :
- To run_skype_directly.sh script
2. Gui Launcher:
- It's better to run run_voice.sh script which uses crond application.
adv: It allows to work Skype in background mode during reading a books.
disadv: crond loads the Skype during 1 minute.

SkypeKit for Kindle Touch
1. Go to the site http://developer.skype.com
 2. Create a new project SkypeKit for Embedded
 3. Download SkypeKit, runtime and development key pairs.

Detailed instruction from skype site:
To download the SkypeKit SDK (Software Development Kit), you (or your organization) need to register with the Skype Developer Program and pay the membership fee.

You can then download SkypeKit.
 1.Go to the Skype Developer website.
 2.Click Member sign in.
 3.Click Sign in with Skype.
 4.Enter the Skype Name and password you used to sign up to the Skype Developer Program.
 5.Click Go to SkypeKit.
 6.Click Download.
 Then you can download the Software Development Kit and associated runtimes.

I use downloaded packages:
skypekit-sdk_sdk-  - Software Development Kit with examples how to use Skype libraries.

linux-armv5-skypekit-voicepcm-videortp - Compiled Skype's runtimes for arm devices
keypair.pem   - Development Keys (Skype says : "A development key pair expires in 60 days, but you can always request a new one. It's good for developing and testing a product")